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2 Doors Down

Contact: Joe Hernandez
Home 613 Oak Street Lathrop MO 64465 Home Phone: 816-528-4606 Anniversary: June 15, 2016

Ameren UE

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Lisa Bright

United Mortgage
Work Phone: 888-220-1064 ext 9591 Cell Phone: 816-550-7651
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Bill Capell

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Casey’s General Store

Contact: Dawn Sherman, Manager
Home 515 Center Street PO Box 541 Lathrop MO 64465 Work Phone: 816-528-3186 Home Phone: 816-528-4232

Cinton County MU Extension

Contact: Debbie Davis
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City of Lathrop

Administrator Contact: Bob Burns
Home Oak Street Lathrop MO – MISSOURI 64465 Home Phone: 8156-528-3113 Website: City of Lathrop Miissouri

Sherri Claypool

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Eads Solid Waste

Contact: David Eads
Work PO Box 337 Lathrop MO 64465 Work Phone: 816-740-3615

Gagnon Law Firm

Contact: Joe Gagnon
Home 601 Center Lathrop MO – MISSOURI 64465 Work Phone: 816-740-4541 Website: http://www,

Gambino’s Pizza

Contact: Coetta Whiteley
Work 505 Oak St. Lathrop MO 64465 Work Phone: 816-740-4447

Goppert Financial Bank

Contact: Corey Strider
Work 710 Oak Street PO Box 606 Lathrop MO 64465 Work Phone: (816) 528-4296 Website: Visit Website


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Nelson Hayes

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Sue Hisel

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James & Erin Holliway

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Contact: Steve Moog
Work 411 North St. Lathrop MO 64465 Work Phone: 816-528-4266

Leona James

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Lathrop Accounting Associates, LLC

Contact: Tiffany Townsend
Work 709 Oak Street PO box 363 Lathrop MO – MISSOURI 64465 Work Phone: 816-528-3621

Lathrop Area Chamber of Commerce

Contact: Ava Langner
Work PO Box 448 Lathrop MO 64465 Work Phone: 816-528-3500 Website: Visit Website
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