Mule Bucks

Lathrop Area Chamber of Commerce


How Do Mule Bucks Work?

Think of the Lathrop Area Chamber Of Commerce Mule Bucks as a community-wide gift certificate. Individuals or businesses can buy Mule Bucks, which come in $1 denominations, as gifts for friends, family, employees, etc. and then those same Mule Bucks can only be spent at Chamber member businesses participating in the program. Mule Bucks resemble $1 bills except with mule shoes in the middle and on gold paper, and include serial numbers individualizing each bill.

What is the purpose of Mule Bucks?

To increase local commerce! Let’s keep our money in Lathrop and promote our local, hardworking businesses.

Who Can Participate In The Mule Bucks Program?

This is an exclusive benefit for Chamber member businesses only. If you are a current Chamber member and sell goods or services, you are eligible. If you are currently not a member of the Lathrop Area Chamber of Commerce and would like to be, please click here to fill out a membership form and an officer will be in contact.

How Will People Know To Spend Their Mule Bucks At My Business?

All participating Chamber members will receive a window sign to alert patrons of their participation in the Mule Bucks Program. A complete list of participating businesses is also available here.

How Much Does It Cost To Participate?

NOTHING! It is a FREE program for our members. The Chamber realizes the importance of keeping money local. If you’re participating in the program and receive Mule Bucks, simply redeem the Mule Bucks at either Goppert Financial Bank or the Hamilton Bank, both located in Lathrop. Please note for your business: Mule Bucks should be considered gift certificates – they cannot be redeemed for cash or “cashed in”, but change can be given for a purchase made with Mule Bucks. Alcohol and tobacco CANNOT be purchased with Mule Bucks.

Can Mule Bucks be copied or counterfeited?

Mule Bucks have been printed on a special, fibrous golden paper and each bill has been imprinted with a different serial number. If, for any reason, Mule Bucks are found to be copied – the chamber will accept responsibility and the program will be suspended.

What Can I Buy With Mule Bucks?

Mule Bucks are easy to purchase, easy to redeem and can be used at a wide variety of businesses. Here’s a small sample of what you may buy with Mule Bucks:

  • Restaurant Meals
  • Salon Services and Products
  • Newspaper Advertising and Subscriptions
  • Flower arrangements
  • Insurance services
  • Graphic Design services

Where Can Mule Bucks Be Purchased?

  • The Hamilton Bank, Jessica Howard
  • Gambino’s Pizza, Coetta Whiteley
  • Goppert Financial Bank, Corey Strider or Mika Snodgrass Hufford